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Jean A. Maxwell

Since 1973, Jean has been a consultant, counselor, teacher, coach and mentor for small and large organizations and companies, government, and non-profits throughout the U.S. and internationally. He has undergraduate and masters degrees in psychology and is a professor in graduate management school programs. He has learned that a marriage of psychology, organizational excellence, continuous learning and people development is what drives business success at all levels.

Jean's extensive researches of high performance behavior lead to the founding of PeopleWorks, LLC. He has developed models and action plans for organizational transformation. The Journey Journal is a hands-on approach to utilizing these proven methods. It helps individuals remember who they are from the inside-out and improves the quality of their lives - both personally and professionally.

Learn more about Jean and PeopleWorks at www.people-works.biz.

"The value of the Journey Journal is not the book, it's just a tool. The value is what you put in to it. It is my hope that this journal will be an effective tool in helping you rediscover your unique self."

– Jean A. Maxwell

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