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This journal, this journey, has the ability to change your life. Using the skills you learn from the journal experience, you will reconnect with the hidden resources within you and begin to actualize the best parts of you, everday. There is no magic, no hidden agendas only your potential. Imagine you on your best day and begin to live it NOW!

Journey ... Getting Back to You journal is an ideal model for personal and professional transformation. It involves a six-week journey of daily journaling that teaches you how to reconnect to the hidden resources within yourself, resulting in a powerful shift in health, growth and fulfillment. This is an active process, and you will find that it not only fuels your growth on a personal level, but it energizes you in the workplace and elevates your true professional potential.

When you order your Journey Journal, you also get a multi-page eBook A Guide. The eBook provides an in-depth understanding and detailed instructions for each of the five journaling categories. This $50.00 value is included with your Journal purchase all for $19.75.
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